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A life in graphics

My venture into the world of graphics began in the end of the 90’s. I started out in web-design back in 2001, at a place where I quickly learned that one celebrated a work week with champagne. That lastet me two months - the champagne had run out along with the ‘dotcom bubble’.

Chance led me to Denmarks biggest music venue - VEGA. It’s the place I have been using my creative skills, doing Art Directions for over 20 years. So besides a crazy amount of concerts I’ve attended, I’ve been on board a ton of cool projects over the years.

Along side the work at VEGA, I have been making posters as Art By Mejdal, beers as Beard Brew and gotten to make some music along the way.

This site is still in progress, but will soon show a selection of the work I’ve done through the years.


Photo by Kristian Gade (Uden Scene, 2021)